Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Blueberry Muffins

First blog post here in two and a half years! Goodness. What a blast from the past it was looking through the previous posts. 

A friend of mine asked to be repaid a favour via food (a happy exchange) with the condition that I revisit my blog and post up my makings and bakings whatever they might be. So here I am. Mostly these days I use my website ( but it's more for my art work than baking or make 'n do! The website could also do with some new material so keep an eye there over the next little while. That favour may prove to be a catalyst all round!

So anyway, I made some muffins. They're not fancy - a simple but delicious recipe from Lilly Higgins' book Make Bake Love; appropriate for this first venture back to the world of blogspot as she was/is one of my favourite chefs and bloggers! They are pretty good... Definitely making them again, so quick. 

The blueberries (that haven't already kamikazed in the oven as you might notice) pop really juicily in the mouth... So good!

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