Friday, July 16, 2010

Summertime and the living is...

surprisingly busy!

First of all, a big thank you to Lilly for Edna the Mermaid, who arrived some time ago and who is living it up at her new home! She's only gorgeous!

Where have I been for the last forever and what have I been doing? Well, some nothing here and there but mostly it's been a jam packed few weeks as I've been doing lots of illustrating, surfing in Donegal (or at least attempting to), visiting friends around the place, reading lots (American Gods by Neil Gaiman - do it), playing a bit of guitar, and generally doing stuff that doesn't involve the internet. However my main project at the minute has been this:

Myself and two friends are running a summer camp (yep with guitar, art and singing) at the minute. We're approaching the end of week 1, and week 2 starts Monday! So far it's been brilliant, but we are wrecked from all the running around! I run the art part, which this week involves poster making, painting murals, making maracas, painting t-shirts and face painting with a group of kids from ages 5-12. They're very talented and LOVE glitter.

Here are some of the maracas they made: 

Basically we got two plastic cups, threw in a few lentils, masking taped the two cups together, masking taped over the rest of the surface area (easier to paint) and then they let loose with the paint and sparkles and feathers!