Saturday, April 10, 2010

Here's One I Made Earlier

While other projects are in the works/planning stages (I've got one in particular that I'm quite excited about, and it's not major, so expect to see it soon...) I decided I'd put up a few pictures of some paintings I've already done. Some are just for fun, some are for other people; I don't consider them masterpieces but I do like them and my favourite part about painting is that once you finally start you can't stop and get sucked into a dream world of paint and mess and imaginary happenings...

This one is in my room and is probably my favourite. I get little obsessions, so this one was inspired by my obsession with Asian art. At the minute I'm obsessed with elephants, turtles and tattoos - I have been watching too many David Attenborough and Somewhere Ink programs!

Again, Asian art and Tokyo night life inspired, but this time in charcoal and inks rather than acrylics, this one was a gift for someone far away at the time...

A bored-one-day piece. I later added in bits of copper wire to the hair (ah the magic of glue guns) which are probably a little dangerous - visions of my grandmother shouting "you'll lose an eye with that stuff!"

Last one for now! This is one I painted for someone special. The words read:

"I dreamed that, nocturnal, she crept like a cat from nowhere to my door.

Carbon eyes, black browed, vampiric, the thief visits me while stars ink in the new day.

"Stay," I whisper, "You can have anything."

...But she never tried to close the curtain or carry me with her."

I forget where I found them (I actually think it may have been something in the Sunday Times Style Magazine rather than some epic work of English literature) but they seemed like magic to me at the time.


  1. I own 2 of these... there may be some copyright issues! xxx

  2. Maybe I'll do a new one for you :)

  3. I'll take a photo of the painting you made that's up in my bedroom and you can stick that up here too! :)