Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Stick on the kettle there so.

Today, while reading some blogs, I was inspired to start a blog of my own. Could it be that I have exhausted all other means of procrastination? Could it be some kind of silly self promotion? Or could it just be a nice thing to do while I wait for the kettle to boil? All are possible really. Anyway, here I am saying hello and I'm a nice mixture of nervous and excited. How are you?

So the idea is that although I don't have a lot of free time at the minute, I will soon, and I have a lot of plans for making stuff and doing stuff in said free time. So this will be like a little journal (sort of) about that. Plus I've always wanted to be Mary Fitzgerald (in her make-and-do days on the television, not so much now - I think she's some kind of marketing consultant these days, and I'm not really into that) so here's my chance.

Anyway, in the future this will contain many adventures, a lot of which will involve making and doing things, however right now all I've made is some tea. It's quite good though.


  1. Maeve! I love making and doing stuff too! I noticed your poochy dog picture on my followers thing today so I had to investigate! Tres cute! I also love tea and am beginning to wonder if I infact started this very blog in my sleep last night! So far I find blogging a good thing to do for me as it forces me to be creative in the best possible way. Your blog is looking great and looking forward to seeing more when you have the spare time to post! x

  2. Hello Lilly! Amazing, I'm delighted you're my first follower! I've got a big long list of projects that I hope I'll be doing and posting about soon - exciting stuff! The Poochy picture is one I found online but I actually have a real Poochy that I've had since I was a baby, which now looks very different! I think they were maybe big in the 80s or something? Maybe I'll put up a pic at some stage! x

  3. Maeve - funny to see two of my followers here! I do like your blog (and Lilly's too!)and I look forward to more posts. Tea is a unifying force- I have plenty of tea drinking followers I think! Well good luck with the blog, I hadn't realised how new you were to the whole thing. It's quite addictive (like tea!) and a lot of fun and relaxation - if you like writing and creative things - I do but don't have much free time. Love knitting and sewing (dressmaking)too - and reading and baking. Anyway, thanks for becoming my 60th follower - I celebrated having 50 not too long ago with a post!
    Take care, Catherine