Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Operation Procrastination

"Ahhh, a tea set," you say. Yes, you'd be right there. A toy tea set that I received as a present and that I love, but which, alas, mostly lives on my shelf. So, I began to think of more useful uses for it...

Tea-cup pin cushions! 

With my trusty glue gun at the ready, a pair of old tights and a scrap of material, I set to work. I glued the cup and saucer together, cut up a pair of old tights, wrapped them in a piece of material and glue-gunned the ball of tights and material in place, taking care to tuck in any stickyoutty bits before glueing. You could sew the ball together first, but as I had the glue gun to hand it was the easiest thing to do.

Eggcup pin cushions would very cute too I think, and quite inexpensive. I used old tights for the filling but you could also use polyester. I went with the recycling option; socks would do just as well as tights though, plus you'd get the benefits of exterminating the "lone sock" phenomenon...

The teapot is next... A button-holding teapot? Hmmm.


  1. Gorgeous! And so cute! I meant to comment on your last post too, I love the Twinings green tea and orange blossom. It's really lovely. And we used to have that tea caddy when we were small, Aw! brings me back!

  2. Yeah the tea caddy is Mam's, it's been around a long time! Gas. I'll have to try the green tea and orange blossom, thanks for the suggestion and the comment! x