Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Ah the recession... forcing students everywhere to mend things instead of throwing them out. Having spent about an hour rooting through my highly organised room, searching valiantly for a needle and thread (I know I had some carefully stored in some box or bag or something or other in a very safe place...), I realised I needed a sewing box! Now, I can't really sew. But, occasionally, I can stitch things back in place, like buttons or hems or other boring things, so of course I need somewhere to keep needles and threads and buttons and ribbons and other odds and ends...

Anyway, I found a small hat box during my quest and made this. Instructions are as follows: 

1. Find one box - whatever shape you like!
2. Stick things on it - pictures, glitter, pasta, ribbons, whatever tickles your interest! I went with a picture of a lady sewing (how apt) from an old magazine.

3. Lash a bit of PVA glue on afterwards to make it nice and shiny (I haven't done that bit yet, best to do that outside or in a well-ventilated area and make sure you don't accidentally glue it to the table) and keep everything in place happily ever after.

Here's what I put on the other side!

So, anyway, back to the recession - encouraging mending stuff, recycling and make-and-do everywhere (or at least in my room).

(Plus I figured out how to use bluetooth to upload pictures from my phone to my computer - c'est une miracle!)


  1. Pure genius! I know I'm such a nerd to spot this now, but, isn't that picture from the Sunday Times Style magazine? I remember that spread, gorgeous photos! Happy Sewing!x

  2. You are not wrong! The Sunday Times is one of my favourite treasures I think, that style mag has provided me with many collage items and recipes!

  3. No half naked ladies from Tipping on this one I see! ;)